Regrets For Fuel

Regrets for Fuel?

Do you have regrets about the food you ate last night or the workouts you skipped last week?

If they end there then they become regrets that desensitize you to eating right, moving better, and becoming your best.

Follow up that regret with ‘I WILL DO BETTER!

‘I wish I made that workout last week.’

          ‘But, from now on I will get up when my alarm goes off.’

‘I shouldn’t have eaten that smothered flaming hot burrito last night.’

          ‘Next time I will order the fajitas instead.’

‘I could have drank more water today.’

          ‘I will make sure I have water with me tomorrow.’

‘I should have used a heavier weight on that exercise.’

           ‘Next time, It’s ON!’

You see our failures, poor choices, and regrets should fuel us to do better next time.

Be intentional, even if it’s an intentional Christmas cookie, with your choices. Give yourself some grace when you make a poor choice, and do better next time!

Committed to Your Results,

Dave Mura
and Your Fit Soldiers Family!

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