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I’m a Colorado Native, a mother of three beautiful boys who keep me very busy, and have worked as a pediatric RN for the last nine years and love it. 

Fit Soldiers Transformation

Edna Before Fit Soldiers

Most of the fitness throughout my life has been about dance and competitive figure skating. As my boys got older and more active, my fitness regimen started to drop to the bottom of my to-do list. My weight began to gradually increase as I started to work night shifts at the hospital and unexpected life events/trials occurred (divorce and a death in the family). Food became a comfort and a method of coping. It was hard to stay motivated and consistent. It was also hard to find the time and money to put forth. I attempted every diet, bought every workout video, joined most clubs, and even got a personal trainer at one point. Nothing seemed to stick! Results were limited and not quite what I wanted. My breaking point was at the doctor’s office. I was at my heaviest weight and falling into to low ranges of pre-diabetes. They wanted to put me on a prescription pill for the pre-diabetes. I was shocked that they suggested it. I thought to myself, haven’t diet and exercise regulated blood sugar since the dawn of time? I asked them this and they replied that diet and exercise should be a part of my health plan too…

Fit Soldiers After 1So I tore up the prescription and started my own plan. It was time to eat right (not diet) and make life long changes. I remembered a friend from church that I visited and the results she had accomplished from a small gym called Fit Soldiers. The name terrified me at first. I imagined drill sergeants yelling at me to do push-ups in the mud. Eventually, I decided to check it out.  I just needed to start with one change that I could be consistent with and do. I just needed to get to the gym each day I could, and I needed a gym that would push me. At first, it wasn’t important to focus on how I preformed. I just needed to commit to getting there. The rest would follow and eventually my performance would improve.  I wanted to throw-up and quit my first day at Fit Soldiers, but I didn’t do either. I just kept coming, which was my one commitment. That one commitment led to other commitments, especially in my diet. I started to lose weight and get results beyond my expectations.

After Fit Soldiers Edna The thing I love most about Fit Soldiers is the atmosphere. To me, it really does feel like home in a way. There are no drill sergeants yelling at you, whew! Rather, just awesome trainers and members who are caring and supportive in every way. The group setting is like none other. I enjoy it more than working out alone. I love the events we do with the community and the realistic nutritional education I have received. The workout routines are very ideal for me too. Just working out at your max for 20 to 30 minutes and eating healthy for the rest of the day. It’s very simple!

My results are what draw people to want to know what I have done. I tell them about this fabulous gym and to check it out. I encourage them to start with the one commitment to just come. Commit to that and worry about the rest later. The rest will follow along with life changing results. 🙂

Fit Soldier for life,
Edna McCoy

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