Role Model for My Kids

Having had three children in three years and being what the medical world considered, AMA (advanced medical age) to have children, my body had taken a beating. My fitness goals were to regain core strength, increase flexibility, and to achieve my strongest body at the highest fitness level that I could. I also wanted to be a role model and set an example for my children. Wanting them to have fun doing physical fitness and sports, I knew I had to take the lead. I knew that I had to get back to being the athlete that I had always been.

Fit Soldier Finest Joanna Lee

Joanna Conquers Slacker 1/2 Marathon

I found myself working out at a local gym doing the same routine and same exercises; it quickly became ineffective and boring. I needed something consistently and constantly challenging. One day watching Dave Mura train another gym member, I thought, maybe I should watch him and do what he is doing with that person. Shortly after that I heard that Dave had opened Fit Soldiers Fitness Revolution Bootcamp.  I promptly quit my gym and needless to say I followed Dave and stuck around.

When I first came to Fit Soldiers I was unfit and flabby. I was unstable due to injuries on both knees, and weak due to three years of being pregnant. Dave and his trainers are very patient and understanding. He helped stabilize my knees and hips, increase my core strength, tone up my ‘mommy’s’ belly, and increase my cardio capacity tenfold.

The variety of exercises and balanced approach to each workout is what keeps me around. I love that coming here is NOT your standard exercise routine or equipment. Fitness Revolution incorporates strength training, cardio, balance, and flexibility in almost workout they offer, never leaving doubt that you had the best workout for that day!

My goals for the present and the future are to concentrate on lowering my body fat and weight. I would also like to increase my cardio fitness, so that I can continue to better my 5K and ½ marathon times. Just recently I pulled my 5K times from 10 years ago and guess what I found…I AM FASTER NOW!! I just want to continue to get STRONGER, LEANER, AND FASTER, AND I KNOW I WILL AT FIT SOLDIERS – FITNESS REVOLUTION!

-Joanna L.

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