Straighter and Stronger

I started at Fit Soldiers right before my wedding 3 years ago.  My goal then was to get fit for the wedding.  If you’re going to pay someone to take your pictures you want to look your best! I never thought I would still be at the same gym 3 years later.  I used to take more time off from working out and changed the types of workouts I did more frequently, but at Fit Soldiers I have never felt the need to change.  I think that has a lot to do with the group personal training part.  Getting the individual attention in a group setting has literally changed my life.  

Mallory Fit Soldier Hiking FunI never knew how wrong my form was until someone told me. By telling me, the trainers helped give me workout knowledge that will guide me forever.  They don’t just correct me, they explain why and give me multiple ways to fix the problem and form.  I very much appreciate someone who explains the solution to the problem so then I can learn myself.

Another one of my goals when I started Fit Soldiers was to strengthen my core and back.  I have mild scoliosis that leads to pain and discomfort from my neck to my hips. Having the personal training has literally straightened my back.  My doctor has told me that it looks much better and my pain is much less too. Both my doctor and I attribute that to my workouts.

Fit Soldiers Play StrongI also really enjoy all the different challenges throughout the year.  Just when I need to reset or challenge my nutrition or workouts Fit Soldiers is planning and doing something to help with that.  The detox we did a while ago changed some of my eating habits for the long term.  The network of support that goes along with the challenges is amazing as well.  I feel very comfortable talking to the trainers and members about habits and recipes.

The commitment given by the trainers is something I’ve never seen anywhere else.  They care about me and my health.  By joining something with that much commitment from the staff it is hard not to be successful.  

It’s never to late to change you’re life and choose to be healthy and fit!
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