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I am a full time working mother of two beautiful children and wife to my wonderful, supportive husband. Life is often chaotic, between work, kid’s activities, and maintaining a home. I first joined a gym when I was 18 and have exercised in some format, fairly consistently ever since then. I truly love exercise and the way it makes me feel and wish I had more time than I do to exercise. However, I also love to cook and love to eat. This makes keeping weight off a difficult task. This year I turned 40 and I feel just by hitting that number it has gotten even harder to keep the weight off. My focus has suddenly changed towards maintaining good health and being a good health and fitness role model for my kids. I want to be able to remain active for many, many more years to come.

I first tried Fit Soldiers after buying a LivingSocial deal. I was doing a different boot camp program before coming to Fit Soldiers (that I also purchased from a daily deal site). I loved Fit Soldiers and stayed because the trainers really made me feel like they cared about my journey. I wasn’t just another person. I also love that the workouts are always different. I tend to get bored doing the same workout routine repeatedly. In the past when I got bored I’d quit working out for a few months and then hit a point where I was fed up with the way I felt and start something new again. At Fit Soldiers, I never get bored. I like that every time I come in the workout will be different and I have no idea what it will be until I get there.

Jenn Rocks

Jenn conquering the Manitou Incline

I have always struggled with my weight. I have tried pretty much every weight loss plan or fad, exercise program, etc. I lose a little weight and then get frustrated, give up and gain it back. Although I still can’t say I have mastered my weight journey, Fit Soldiers has given me the tools to succeed. Via their weight loss challenges, trainings, and support I have learned that eating right is about eating whole, natural foods not by cutting calories and fat to the point of feeling deprived like I had always done in the past. I have learned to focus on eating the right kinds of food and no longer focus on counting calories. I also try not to focus so much on the number on the scale. I still may not be the skinniest girl in the room but I’m stronger and healthier than many of the skinny girls and I am physically healthier and able to do more.

Jenn Fit Soldier FinestFit Soldiers is truly my fitness and nutrition family. Not only do they make exercise more enjoyable via there group fitness boot camp training but Dave also taught me to run. Dave held a running club for a period of time and although I had never been a runner (in fact I really didn’t even like running) I decided to give it a try. When I started I couldn’t even run a mile without stopping and feeling like I was going to die. Thanks to Dave, I was able to train to run 5K’s without stopping and even ran a 10K.

Fit Soldiers is not your normal gym. You are not just another member paying the bills. The Fit Soldiers owners and trainers make everyone feel like family. It is more than a gym. I don’t know any other place that offers the unique workouts that Fit Soldiers does along with the personal attention, nutrition coaching, support, and more. All of the members are also very supportive of one another. I never feel like I am judged by others while working out here. Everyone works at their own ability level. I have been with Fit Soldiers for 5 years and I can see many more years to come.

-Jenn D.

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