Stronger Than Ever



I heard about Fit Soldiers through our wellness program. I decided to try it out because I heard how hard it was and that made me determined to participate. Before training with Fit Soldiers I was overweight and just starting my journey of exercise. At that time I weighed about 200lbs.

What I like about the program is the variety of exercises. No workout is the same. I also enjoy the camaraderie of the participants and trainers. I have made some huge lifestyle changes as well. I have made exercising priority in my life. My eating habits have changed for the better too. Now I only eat one serving and Iconnie-after-2 don’t go back for seconds. I now have a really hard time eating deep fried foods and my body actually craves fresh fruit and vegetables.

Before becoming more fit and healthy, there was no way I would have been able to climb 14er’s or even walk a 5K. Now I run 5K’s! I say yes to doing things that I didn’t used to, because I didn’t have the confidence to do them before. Another benefit of getting healthy is that I am not as stressed and I have a lot more energy. Oh and I lost 55 lbs!

When I started I wore between a size 16-18. I was down to a size 8 before breast cancer and hope to get back there soon. I am a size 10 now but my goal is to get back to the fitness level I was at before I went through breast cancer.

~Connie R.

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