Struggling Together For The Better

I grew up in Southern California, moved to Colorado in 1991, and still can’t adjust to the winters here. I had early aspirations to major in dance and art history but my dad didn’t think it was practical so I married young and had two children instead. Both kids are now in college and doing great, so I figured perhaps it was time to find some new adventures in life! My company offered Dave Mura’s boot camp at a discount in conjunction with a companywide health awareness program. I was curious what boot camp was and because of a health scare with a thyroid problem I seriously decided I wanted to take better care of myself in all aspects of life and was looking for a program. The timing was perfect!

Since starting Fit Soldiers, I have so much more strength and energy that carries out into everyday life. I also have a greater sense of confidence now that I am strong and healthy. I love not having to wonder whether I have the physical ability to do something. I enjoy the variation of the workouts and the constant education about healthy eating. I have found that an exercise program and good eating habits have to work hand in hand. It really isn’t possible to do one without the other.

I love so many things about this program, but it all boils down to great camaraderie with fellow boot campers. It is important to me to be with people just as committed as I am, and who have the discipline to stick with a program. Plus there is something bonding about struggling together.

~Kathy T.

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