Fit Soldiers Strong!

Happier, Healthier, Better!

Our latest Fit Soldier Finest is Anna!! She has been a rockstar of everything Fit Soldiers, from long term progressions with strength, nutrition, and all things health. To knowing that it’s not about her. Yes, it starts with her, but she knows her strengths are nothing if they aren’t used to support our charity boot camps, shovel driveways and so much more. Recently she has latched on to a whole other level of nutrition and eating and is seeing massive ‘gains’ in how she feels and performs especially mentally!

Anna, keep it up girl, you are a Fit Soldier Finest! Thank You!

I’ve been an athlete since I’ve was 7-years old swimming competitively until I graduated from High School. After HS I found other ways to feed my habit, running, aerobics, step boxing, yoga, swimming – I tried it all…. everything, that is, except strength training because I was not good at it and I did not like it. After my oldest daughter was born 28 years ago I started running due to the time restraints that come with having a young family. I was what you might call a lazy runner. Sure, I’d run 6 miles 5 days per week. But I never really trained – I just ran and thought that would take care of everything. I was satisfied with running the 10 minute mile. No more, no less.

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Thanksgiving Fit Soldiers

Have A Filling Thanksgiving

That’s not a title you’re going to hear from many gyms, trainers, or fitness enthusiasts. In fact you may commonly see workouts and exercises comparing how much you need to bust your butt in order to burn off what you ate. Yet, we want you to be FULL this Thanksgiving.

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Recipe from Fit Soldiers

Sweet Potato with Warm Black Bean Salad

Hands down one of our favorites. (do I say that a lot?) When done right we grind our own spices and this one is off the charts. It’s still a keeper even when they’re not freshly ground.

This meal is also fit for a king, even I am stuffed if I try to muscle down a whole big potato. Needless to say you’ll have some delicious leftovers for the next day. Did I mention it has a pretty easy prep process, most of your time is cooking the potatoes

Sweet Potato with Warm Black Bean Salad

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Fit Soldier MegaFood

Why MegaFood?

We’ve searched high and low, near and far, tried and tested, and here we land. We’re a real food gym and want you to gain and fine tune the skills that it takes to eat as whole and minimally processed food as possible. So when it comes to supplements, let them supplement and not replace.

So when we began to reassess the supplements we have here at the gym it’s not surprising that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

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