Fit soldiers Clean and lean challenge

Fall Clean and Lean Challenge

FS TransformationAre you tired of:

  • Unsustainable ‘diet’ programs
  • Quick fixes
  • Relying on and paying for expensive products and shakes to see results
  • Counting calories
  • Starving yourself to lose weight
  • And to top it all off regaining the weight and then some faster than you took it off?

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Fit Soldiers Fun

Busy Northglenn Mom Finds More Than Just Fitness

My name is Mary Brown.  My husband, AJ Brown, and I have been married for almost nine years and have known each other for 16! I’m 32 years old with two kids, ages 12 ½ and 3, and life is constantly crazy between working full time and parenting two children in completely different developmental stages.  I’m a Colorado Native whose parents still live in the same house they did when I was born. 

Fit Soldiers Before


Prior to coming to Fit Soldiers I was minimally physically active.  I played a few sports in high school, but after that working out consisted of getting on a treadmill or elliptical at some gym for half an hour and calling it good.  Having a busy home and work life also made eating an issue, and I often looked for what was easiest and fastest to cook without paying any attention to portion control or nutritional content.  I didn’t feel confident in myself or my physical abilities, and I struggled with finding the motivation to make any kind of significant change.

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Fit Soldier Edna

Northglenn Mom Sees “Results Beyond My Expectations”

I’m a Colorado Native, a mother of three beautiful boys who keep me very busy, and have worked as a pediatric RN for the last nine years and love it. 

Fit Soldiers Transformation

Edna Before Fit Soldiers

Most of the fitness throughout my life has been about dance and competitive figure skating. As my boys got older and more active, my fitness regimen started to drop to the bottom of my to-do list. My weight began to gradually increase as I started to work night shifts at the hospital and unexpected life events/trials occurred (divorce and a death in the family). Food became a comfort and a method of coping. It was hard to stay motivated and consistent. It was also hard to find the time and money to put forth. I attempted every diet, bought every workout video, joined most clubs, and even got a personal trainer at one point. Nothing seemed to stick! Results were limited and not quite what I wanted. My breaking point was at the doctor’s office. I was at my heaviest weight and falling into to low ranges of pre-diabetes. They wanted to put me on a prescription pill for the pre-diabetes. I was shocked that they suggested it. I thought to myself, haven’t diet and exercise regulated blood sugar since the dawn of time? I asked them this and they replied that diet and exercise should be a part of my health plan too…

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Fit Soldiers How far?

How Far Can You Go?

A questions I hear time and time again sound a little like this… “How long will it take to…?”

While I get the idea and how it can be motivating it is extremely limiting. If someone is looking to lose 30lbs and they want to know how long it will take then they are capping themselves off at 30 pounds. When an imaginably ceiling is set we often see a hard charge towards and some great progress made which is great. The down side to this is it is not leaving room for more. They are not allowing themselves the creativity of looking left and right along the way which will ultimately motivate and inspire over the long haul

Instead of asking how long will it take, start asking yourself how far can I go?

This changes the game. The ceiling is removed and the blinders are off. Now we can start having so much more fun. This question leads to more steps and adventures in the progress instead of one far off goal. By asking how far you can go we open creative doors such as:

  • When I lose 10lbs can I take the stairs to my office with out getting winded?
  • When I lose 20lbs will I be able to get on my bike and ride trails with my kids?
  • When I lose 30lbs the outfit to my best friends wedding will be stunning!
  • When I’m maintaining my goal weight I’ll be so much stronger I’ll be able to hike a 14er!
  • When I’m leaner, healthier, stronger I’ll look amazing and feel confident with my spouse on our 30th anniversary beach vacation!

When you ask yourself how far you can go, you can get excited about the little bit that will lead to a lot. Which also helps allow the fitness to become the outcome and not the goal.

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Fit Soldiers Choices

The Most Powerful Thing At Our Disposal

We’re born with it. No it’s not Maybelline.

Experts say we make 35,000 of them each day!

The most powerful thing we as humans have at our disposal is the ability to choose.

God gave us free will. Allowing us to make choices, and lots of them.

  • We can choose to get out of bed, or not.
  • We choose the clothes we wear, or not…choose wisely.
  • We choose the food we eat, which ultimately will help or hurt us.
  • We choose to honor our spouse, whether they deserve it or not.
  • We choose to workout, including the the intensity and how present or distracted we are in it.
  • We choose to say “I’ll start working out…eating better tomorrow…” as well as many other excuses.
  • We choose to stay up too late.
  • What we fill our minds with.
  • And the people we hang out with.

Ultimately the sum of all these choices  and more physically, nutritionally, mentally, spiritually determine our health in those areas.

We’ve all made bad choices. Some minor, other more significant. Nobody is exempt, not even us your coaches and trainers.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the most powerful thing we as humans have at our disposal, right here, right NOW is the ability to choose.

Will you choose to magnify and bring out the greatness in yourself and others?

If you’re ready to choose to take ownership of your health and fitness, we’re here for you. 720-382-5240

Committed to Your Results,

Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family!

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Bone Broth Protein for all

Get Brothed

So you’ve come across this thing called bone broth protein… We’re excited for you. The healthy benefits are far exceed other protein powders all while nearly eliminating any allergy or food sensitivity. You can read more about 6 Reasons for Bone Broth to get a deeper understanding of it’s benefits.

Once you’ve got that nailed down it’s time to start expanding your BBP recipe horizons. In our time of enjoying and experimenting with it we’ve put together some of our favorites! Give them a try!

5 Bone Broth Recipes You Need To Try

4 Bone Broth Drinks You Need To Try

Committed to Your Results,

Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family!

Fit Soldiers Fitness Revolution
2100 East 112th Avenue #2
Northglenn, CO 80233