Fit Soldiers Intentional


Fit Soldiers are INTENTIONAL

Being intentional towards your goals and bettering yourself pays off big time.

Patrick started with Fit Soldiers in January 2017. Since his start, he has decided to make a true commitment to his health. He has done that nutritionally and physically. Patrick has done  “The Whole 30” and continues to follow the basic guidelines. He has continued  to workout on his own time in addition to the Fit Soldiers workouts. He has participated in 5K races and even a Triathlon.  These are things he did over 25 years ago. Not something he has done in recent years. 
It has been a lot of hard work both mentally and physically. When he feels stuck, he is not afraid to asks for advice. Most important, he is ready to hear that advice. Patrick tries to plan his meals and workouts. He sets a goal and strives to achieve them.
During our 28 Days of Gratitude he was nearly perfect sharing what he is grateful for nearly every day.
This last year Patrick has lost over 45 pounds alone!
Keep up the good work, it clearly pays off.
Congratulations you are impressive! We love you brotha!

Committed to Your Results,
Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family!

Fit Soldiers Fitness Revolution
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Group Fit Soldiers

Summer Games 2017

Fit Soldiers and Food For Hope

Fit Soldiers Tug O War

You asked for it…by popular demand the Fit Soldiers Summer Games are back!! We all had so much fun putting fun into your fitness that it the hardest decision we had to make was picking the date.

Imagine a “workout” where you lose concept of time and space. Where hard work and sweat are overshadowed by smiles and laughter. That’s exactly what our summer games are all about.

Group Fit Soldiers

We bring together like minded people of all fitness backgrounds and create an event where everybody is challenged, yet everybody thrives!

The Fit Soldiers Summer Games is a team competition that will test you as an individual as well as your team physically, and mentally. You will test your team work and leadership skills, knowledge and fitness, sportsmanship, enthusiasm, problem solving skills and adapt to our fun twists and turns along the way!

Summer Games Carry

Who is it for?

We’ve designed the event to challenge yet magnify the best of everyone from the fitness newbie to the seasoned fitness fanatic. The event is for people who want to experience fitness in a fun new way. Don’t have a complete team? Don’t worry, register and we’ll plug you into an awesome team that needs an awesome person just like you!

Team HuddleJoin us for one heck of a fun time:

  • Saturday, September 9th
  • 8:00am – Noon
  • Teams of 4 (2 Male, 2 Female)
  • At least one teammate must be a new or not a current Fit Soldier (New=FS Member for one month or less)
  • Register by August 25th and receive a Summer Games T-Shirt
  • Enjoy a Free Post-Games Smoothie!
  • Awards will be given for Fittest, Biggest Heart, Limitless, and more…
  • Join us at 3:00pm for Awards and our Annual Client Appreciation BBQ
  • Charity partner: Food For Hope


  • Current Fit Soldiers – $30
  • Summer Games Package (4 weeks of training (12sessions) + Summer Games) – $150
  • Non-Member, Summer Games Only – $60

Fit Soldiers RallyWe believe that in order to maximize your results, fitness needs to be the outcome NOT the goal. When your goals are set to have fun with your fitness your results will follow. Our Summer Games are the result of this belief.

We hope you’ll join us in this fun and rewarding event. For questions and registration call 720-382-5240 or complete the form below.

Committed to Your Results,

Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family!

Fit Soldiers Fitness Revolution
2100 East 112th Avenue #2
Northglenn, CO 80233


Fit Soldiers Fun

Busy Northglenn Mom Finds More Than Just Fitness

My name is Mary Brown.  My husband, AJ Brown, and I have been married for almost nine years and have known each other for 16! I’m 32 years old with two kids, ages 12 ½ and 3, and life is constantly crazy between working full time and parenting two children in completely different developmental stages.  I’m a Colorado Native whose parents still live in the same house they did when I was born. 

Fit Soldiers Before


Prior to coming to Fit Soldiers I was minimally physically active.  I played a few sports in high school, but after that working out consisted of getting on a treadmill or elliptical at some gym for half an hour and calling it good.  Having a busy home and work life also made eating an issue, and I often looked for what was easiest and fastest to cook without paying any attention to portion control or nutritional content.  I didn’t feel confident in myself or my physical abilities, and I struggled with finding the motivation to make any kind of significant change.

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Fit Soldiers Mud Fun

Northglenn Dad In The Best Shape Of His Life

Fit Soldier Finest BeforeWell my fitness journey and life really started 2 years ago. At that time I could look into a mirror and tell myself I was not there. I am in a career field where you actually need to be fit to be able to perform and do your job duties. I finally made the conscious decision to look at what my options were. In the past I had a gym membership to various big gyms and would go but I had no direction and lacked the know-how. I can remember back in high school I was fit because I was young and playing sports. Then life happened. I spent years building terrible habits and really not paying attention to what I needed to do to stay optimal.

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Fit Soldier Edna

Northglenn Mom Sees “Results Beyond My Expectations”

I’m a Colorado Native, a mother of three beautiful boys who keep me very busy, and have worked as a pediatric RN for the last nine years and love it. 

Fit Soldiers Transformation

Edna Before Fit Soldiers

Most of the fitness throughout my life has been about dance and competitive figure skating. As my boys got older and more active, my fitness regimen started to drop to the bottom of my to-do list. My weight began to gradually increase as I started to work night shifts at the hospital and unexpected life events/trials occurred (divorce and a death in the family). Food became a comfort and a method of coping. It was hard to stay motivated and consistent. It was also hard to find the time and money to put forth. I attempted every diet, bought every workout video, joined most clubs, and even got a personal trainer at one point. Nothing seemed to stick! Results were limited and not quite what I wanted. My breaking point was at the doctor’s office. I was at my heaviest weight and falling into to low ranges of pre-diabetes. They wanted to put me on a prescription pill for the pre-diabetes. I was shocked that they suggested it. I thought to myself, haven’t diet and exercise regulated blood sugar since the dawn of time? I asked them this and they replied that diet and exercise should be a part of my health plan too…

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