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Back On Track And Moving Forward

Hello, my name is Ed Walton. I am married to my best friend Michelle and we have three great children, Emma, Megan, and Eddie. I work in the logistics field as a warehouse supervisor. I am a member of the U.S. Army Reserves with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 2. My biggest struggle fitness wise prior to joining Fit Soldiers was sticking to an exercise regimen mostly due to getting bored with prior exercise plans. My wife Michelle saw an ad in a local advertisement about Fit Soldiers which offered some free sessions. She told me I should try it out and I had nothing to lose.

Fit Soldiers FinestI found that Fit Soldiers was a fitness program that I could get into and enjoy. In the beginning, my two main reasons for working out were so I could eat what I wanted and stay relatively fit for my military service. Through the years, Dave and Joey have encouraged and motivated me through the various workouts.

Since joining, they have both tried to beat into my head that it is not just the workouts; nutrition also plays a major part in total physical fitness. I can be a bit stubborn and set in my ways but this past year I finally listened and signed up for the New Year New You Challenge. It was a struggle but I stuck with it and actually won the challenge!  It was awesome to win but I also learned some great things about nutrition.

I look at physical fitness in a new way now. Do I still occasionally eat the not so good thing? Yes, absolutely but now I’m aware that it is about the total package to getting and staying fit. One moment of a bad choice is not the end of all things, get back on track and move forward. My advice for someone just joining Fit Soldiers is to have perseverance. It is tough when first starting out, but in the end, you will feel stronger and healthier.

Thank you Fit Soldiers!

You too can take your life back and thrive!

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Setting a foundation fit soldiers

To Be A Better Mom

Setting a foundation fit soldiersWhen I was around 13 years old, I was in a weight lifting unit in PE class.  Unbeknownst to me, the bar, without any weights, weighed something like 40 pounds.  I could not lift it.  I was probably 80 pounds and could not lift a bar that was half my body weight.  Fast-forward 25 years where I’m pushing a sled that weighs over 100 pounds, thanks to Fit Soldiers.  For the first time in my life, I feel strong.  I can do a pull-up (singular), toe push-ups, and crank out some serious burpees.  Read More

Fit soldiers Clean and lean challenge

Fall Clean and Lean Challenge

FS TransformationAre you tired of:

  • Unsustainable ‘diet’ programs
  • Quick fixes
  • Relying on and paying for expensive products and shakes to see results
  • Counting calories
  • Starving yourself to lose weight
  • And to top it all off regaining the weight and then some faster than you took it off?

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Fit Soldiers Mud Fun

Northglenn Dad In The Best Shape Of His Life

Fit Soldier Finest BeforeWell my fitness journey and life really started 2 years ago. At that time I could look into a mirror and tell myself I was not there. I am in a career field where you actually need to be fit to be able to perform and do your job duties. I finally made the conscious decision to look at what my options were. In the past I had a gym membership to various big gyms and would go but I had no direction and lacked the know-how. I can remember back in high school I was fit because I was young and playing sports. Then life happened. I spent years building terrible habits and really not paying attention to what I needed to do to stay optimal.

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Fit Soldiers How far?

How Far Can You Go?

A questions I hear time and time again sound a little like this… “How long will it take to…?”

While I get the idea and how it can be motivating it is extremely limiting. If someone is looking to lose 30lbs and they want to know how long it will take then they are capping themselves off at 30 pounds. When an imaginably ceiling is set we often see a hard charge towards and some great progress made which is great. The down side to this is it is not leaving room for more. They are not allowing themselves the creativity of looking left and right along the way which will ultimately motivate and inspire over the long haul

Instead of asking how long will it take, start asking yourself how far can I go?

This changes the game. The ceiling is removed and the blinders are off. Now we can start having so much more fun. This question leads to more steps and adventures in the progress instead of one far off goal. By asking how far you can go we open creative doors such as:

  • When I lose 10lbs can I take the stairs to my office with out getting winded?
  • When I lose 20lbs will I be able to get on my bike and ride trails with my kids?
  • When I lose 30lbs the outfit to my best friends wedding will be stunning!
  • When I’m maintaining my goal weight I’ll be so much stronger I’ll be able to hike a 14er!
  • When I’m leaner, healthier, stronger I’ll look amazing and feel confident with my spouse on our 30th anniversary beach vacation!

When you ask yourself how far you can go, you can get excited about the little bit that will lead to a lot. Which also helps allow the fitness to become the outcome and not the goal.

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