Success Stories

“I don’t even have words to describe how amazing Fit Soldiers is!  For the longest time, my husband and I were in a rut and trying to figure out where to start on the road to getting healthier and happier.  We tried other gyms in the past, but they weren’t really for us.  Many friends recommended supplements, shakes, diets etc. but we knew those weren’t for us either.  We had driven past Fit Soldiers almost every day for years.  We kept talking about it over and over, but we allowed ourselves every excuse in the book to not check it out.  We finally decided to stop talking about it and give it a try, and we are so happy we did!  The trainers are wonderful.  They truly care about you as a person, and they help push you to be a better version of yourself.  The focus isn’t just on a good workout; rather, it’s about the purpose you are trying to better yourself, all around health, proper nutrition etc. Our perspective on health has changed 180 degrees since going to Fit Soldiers.”  

-Mary B.

“By far I have found this to be the best place to workout. I have tried many others and here the trainers sincerely want to help you achieve your goals. I have been here for 9 months now and have lost 20 pounds, gone down almost 3 pant sizes, and am learning how to eat healthier. I still have a ways to go but I’m confident with this type of supportive community environment I will get there. The workouts are never the same and I live in a constant state of soreness. I highly recommend this place for any age and any size.“

-Mandy H.

“An excellent fitness program that will motivate you to make progress beyond your own expectations.”

-Leroy C.

“Every workout is different, you will never get bored. They adapt for different fitness levels and modify for injuries if needed, and always encourage you to finish strong. All of the instructors are wonderful, the schedule is flexible, and the other members are so nice!”

Michelle T.

“I have not found a more fulfilling fitness experience than what I have at Fit Soldiers.  The instructors really take their time to focus on proper form and push you to your limits.  Also at Fit Soldiers they have created a great family atmosphere and everyone celebrates their results together.”

-Scott S.

“I love going here. The experience is completely different than going to a gym. I especially like the push, resources and motivation the trainers give you to help accomplish your goals.”

-John D.

“I really enjoy my workouts @ Fit Soldiers. All trainers at this place know their stuff very well. I truly see improvements with the way I feel. I suggest everyone to try this place.”

-Rama B.

“The best workouts are right here! I appreciate the staff working with me to correct my form & help me to achieve my fitness goals. Great sense of community, with lots of opportunity for stepping outside of your comfort zone & getting better!”

-Heather W.

“Safety is always first with these guys and it makes a difference. They show you the right way to do workouts to prevent injuries.

-April D.

“The most welcoming group you will meet! Work together as a team/family.”

-Zonia V.

“Fit Soldiers is an incredible experience that yields results! The staff is wonderful and caring. The group classes are small where you get very good attention! Very family friendly.”

-Ian F.

“Great workouts, great people, great results!!”  

-Dan W.

“I would highly recommend Fit Soldiers to anyone, at any level of fitness or age. The staff are teachers as much as they are trainers. They are clearly passionate about what they do and are invested in helping their members get better and get results, which will motivate you to push harder and do more too. There is an emphasis on quality of movement over quantity so you stay safe and healthy and they will help you modify the workout to any level. The workouts are hard,  but fun, and it seems as though you never do the same workout twice. I have been to a few different bootcamp style programs/gyms and FS is by far the best out there! Seriously, just go and try for yourself, you will not be disappointed…just sore! :)”

-Steph A.

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