The Perfect Kick Start

A couple of years ago I was laid off from work and between sitting on my pity-potty and the stress I put on weight despite walking and biking on a regular basis. I wasn’t going to the gym, and neither was my husband Steve. He was feeling the effects of my being out of work too. I had read about Fit Soldiers in the local newspaper and was intrigued, but being out of work thought nothing more about it.

Alice 14er Fit SoldierSome months later after starting a new job, Steve and I were walking to try to get into better shape when I remembered Fit Soldiers and suggested that we walk by to check it out. I was thinking that we could join for a couple of months to kick start us into getting motivated to get back to the gym and into better shape.

There was a class going on when we stopped by, and we both liked what we saw. So about a month later we joined and here we over five years later still getting that kick start!

Fit Soldiers fosters a feeling of community. We have new friends with similar goals.  The workouts are challenging and varied so there is no chance for boredom. Classes are small. The trainers make sure that we are doing the exercises correctly and work with and around our injuries.

The major changes in my lifestyle are that I added Fit Soldiers to my workout routine, I eat healthier; I lost weight, and slimmed down 2 sizes.  My cholesterol has gone down also.  Overall, I am much happier, like how I look, and am much stronger.

~Alice R.

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