The Real Hard Work

Have you ever heard the saying ‘If you’re the smartest person in the room then you’re in the wrong room.”?

I have several people in different industries that I ‘follow’ and love to learn from. This past week I was reading some marketing content from the brilliant mind of Seth Godin that applies perfectly to your goals of fat loss, strength, toning, eating right, and really most things in life.

Check it out:

Your results are the byproduct of the process. 90% of it isn’t a magical new number on the scale, the jump in pant size, or getting off medication. The 90% is the actual hard work you put into the training session, the intentionality of your recovery, quality of sleep, nutrition, our program design, and even the mental battle of showing up and eating right. This needs to happen consistently in order to reap the 10%. 

Let’s take nutrition. It’s 80% of your results versus 20% workout. The real, whole, minimally processed, clean food doesn’t magically appear on your plate. It takes development, practice, and fine-tuning of the skills of planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, (eating), cleaning and repeating.

The outcome is only of minor significance compared to the process of getting to your milestone results!

Committed to Your Results,

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