Thing Better to Get Better

In order to get better, think better.

The mind is a powerful thing. An olympic athlete will run through the perfect routine over and over and over and over in their mind in order to train for their shot at gold. Now that’s not the only training obviously, but research has shown that it can aid in training the muscles, coordination, the nervous system, and mind to perform better when the is pressures on.

So what is the replay button showing you over and over and over again in your mind?

Many clients and prospects are stuck on replay of fad diet after promised marketed weight loss resulting in a yo-yo of weight loss and weight gain. In order to be successful with fitness and fat loss we need to break that cycle and rethink the impossible.

The impossible often times become self imposed barriers that we put on ourselves. Negative self talk can be crippling. It’s a big deal. It affects your neurology. Your brain doesn’t just control your body. Your thoughts affect your output and potential.

So if you walk into a workout and think ‘ugh this is going to be tough’ then you’re mindset is already in a defeated state and you’re not going to meet your full potential. Similarly, if you show up to a birthday party or BBQ with a defeated mindset of ‘there’s no way I can resist all this delicious unhealthy food, cake and beer’ then you’ve already lost.

Change your mindset. Change your results.

It’s not easy to change. Some people were literally born with the ‘glass is half full’ mindset while others inherently see it as ‘half empty’. However, research shows that you can actually retrain your mind to become more positive.

Give this brain exercise a try. Every day for 7 days I want you to ask yourself (you can play this game with your family at the dinner table also) ‘What are five things that I am thankful for that happened today?’

I am certain that by the end of the 7 days you will have a more positive outlook, which will in turn allow you to move on towards the ‘impossible’.

Give it a try and we’ll talk about the impossible next week!

For the next seven days ask yourself, What are five things that I am thankful for that happened today?

Committed to Your Results,
Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family!

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