Thornton CO Do You Bathe Daily?

**Throwback post from our former website. February 7th, 2011**

I want to ask you a question.  What are you doing to motivate and achieve your goals? Fit Soldiers Family provides a pretty solid community and motivational environment but what happens when you walk out of our doors?  Here’s a little quote for you.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does… bathing–that’s why we recommend it daily.”  -Zig Ziglar

Motivation comes in all sorts of forms, and its different for everybody.  What does yours look like?  A lot of ours may look similar.

What happens when you’re on your own?  Do you surround yourself with like mined people.  Or a supportive community (family, friends, co-workers) that are encouraging you to eat right?

What does your environment look like?  Do you have healthy food in the house, not junk food that will be a constant temptation to throw you off track?

We tell you to be consistent.  Consistent with your workouts.  Consistent with your nutrition.  It WILL pay off in the long run but how do you stay consistent?

By staying motivated.  Daily you must find the fire inside of you some how to keep you motivated.

Here’s how I am staying consistent.  I’m training for a marathon.  26.2 brutal miles.  Don’t think that every run every mile, workout, step is fun.  So WHY am I doing it?  Because I registered for the Colorado Marathon on May 1st.  Why?  Because I want to run in the Super Bowl of marathons.  Boston Marathon 2012!!! (and completed the horrendously hot 26.2 in 3:28.)

Day in and day out I know that if the miles aren’t put in, I’m not going to run as best I can.  If I don’t stay consistent, I won’t qualify for Boston.

Now that I told all of you I am expecting a greater base of support, encouragement, and accountability to my goals.  You should do the same.  Start HERE.  Post your goals and let us help you out!!

Bathe and motivate daily. Lean on your FS Family!

Committed to Your Results,

Dave and Your Fit Soldiers Family!