Time Doesn’t Wait For Anyone

We all have the same amount of time in a day, the difference is how we prioritize and use our allotted time.

Recently my pastor, in a Discipleship series, spoke on The Charge of Growing Into Maturity. One of his points brought him to the topic of time. He then referenced Andy Stanley in regards to his four truths about time. I’m going to break them down for you and give you some health and fitness application.

Four reasons to stop procrastinating on starting your health and fitness journey…

  1. Investing Small Amounts Of Time Over Time Is Cumulative. If you give yourself 5 minutes a day, every day, to go for a short walk you will eventually get stronger and cover further ground than the day/weeks before. If you improve what you eat for breakfast each day for a month you will be healthier.
  2. Neglect Is Cumulative. Easy is costly. The longer you wait to start working out, the less in shape you will get, making it harder to start as the days pass. If you neglect your nutrition, over time you will gain weight and increase your risk for chronic disease like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and high cholesterol.
  3. Random Has No Cumulative Value. Random + Random = Random. Working out once or twice in January because it’s a New Year and you have good intentions, but then taking month’s off until the weather turns warmer again and you feel like getting in shape for the summer will do you no good. Despite the hard work you put into those workouts you receive no value from them. Similarly, you can eat healthy for one day or one week, which is great in the moment, but it does not make you a healthy eater. You simply had a few healthy meals.
  4. In The Areas That Matter Most, You Cannot Make Up For Mis-Spent Time. There will be a day when you suddenly need to get in shape for a wedding, a beach vacation, your children, or heaven forbid a chronic illness crept up and now your life depends on it. There is no diet or exercise that will get you fit and in shape to reverse the effects of your mis-spent time of fitness and nutrition neglect.

The bottom line. Ten minutes of extra activity in a day every day will accumulate to so much more over the year. The consistent intention and small habit forming application of better nutrition will amount to better long term habits and weight loss.

So I encourage you to take an assessment of your time today in order to re-prioritize your time so that you can move more and eat cleaner for a lifetime, not just a random season.

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