*#&@%$ versus The Keeper

Over the last three weeks, we’ve been walking alongside our clients in New Year New You challenge. We’ve been following the Whole30 nutrition. That often comes with trying new recipes! Sounds exciting but if you’ve experimented with recipes very much in the past then you know that often times things can be hit or miss. So much that we’ve developed a categorization for it.

The Keeper: These are the home run. You follow the recipe, and it’s an explosion of taste buds in your mouth! There are no leftovers and you can’t wait to have it again! These recipes you’re taking a picture and sharing it all on social media and telling all your friends. However, it’s inevitable that when things don’t go as planned, then it becomes…

*#&@%$: Thankfully this doesn’t happen very often. This recipe has an amazing picture, the outcome is horrendous. It was way more involved than you thought and called for obscure ingredients you’ll never use again. On top of that, you took two bites and then proceeded to call for pizza delivery leaving you with loads of leftovers, not even the dog the dog doesn’t even want it. It makes you question if you want to eat again.

Work In Progress: Most of the recipes will fall into this category. They are good, there is a lot of potential, you will try them again but you need to put on your chef’s hat and make some adjustments. But you’re excited to try it again. You know by tweaking the recipe here and there it’s going to get better. Once you’ve nailed it, it may still come out slightly different each time but it’s a good thing. You welcome the taste variety that it brings.

In our lives we often expect our progress to be that of The Keeper. We join a gym, workout for a couple weeks, make a couple nutrition changes but when the progress isn’s as instant as we’d hoped then we swing to the other end of the spectrum.

We become the *#&@%$ full of frustration throwing in the towel and go back to our former habits and lifestyle.

What we really need to adopt is the Work In Progress approach. We work hard and eat right, see some progress and it’s good but deep down you know it can be better. So next take what you’ve gained, make some tweaks to the nutrition habits, challenge yourself with progressions and effort in the gym and experience some new success.

If this mentality can be adopted and the cycle repeated then you will be on the transformation of a lifetime and not just another season of The Keeper vs the *#&@%$.

Are you tired of seasons of health and energy followed by seasons of weakness, illness, and lethargy?
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