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Growing up I was a very active kid. I did everything from running, to playing basketball, baseball, football (one year) and just always being active. The one constant was always soccer.  I played it year round from 1st grade until my college years.  At that point I had walked onto a small college team in Missouri, but I had lost the enjoyment of playing so I stopped.  That decision took a toll on my fitness for years to come.  It was a long time before I started caring about my health and wellness again.  In that time I put on some weight and came to a point where I saw a picture of myself and decided that was enough.

On a whim I started running, and after a month I started enjoying running.  I ran some 5k’s and a few half marathons and thought I was doing good.  Once we had our first kid my running slowed down and by our second child my running was almost non-existent.  During this time I tried a “get in shape at home” product and actually stuck with it and had some success.  I was down some lbs, clothes were a bit looser, and I was feeling good.  However that didn’t last too long.  I got back into a less active lifestyle and the lbs and tighter clothes came right back.

Fast forward a few years and another beautiful baby girl and I (we) were done!  We knew we had to change something not only for us but for our 3 gorgeous girls.  We started at Fit Soldiers in October of 2013 and we have never looked backed.   I try to make decisions that my girls would be proud of. And when we bring them in with us and they smile while we are in pain working out, it makes it all worth it.  I see them light up and want to work out with us. I see my girls as a reason to live a happy and healthy lifestyle instead of an excuse. What I have learned at Fit Soldiers and gone through has definitely rubbed off on our kids and for that I will forever be grateful.

Messenger after

After joining Fit Soldiers and continuing to run!

Through the years my heaviest weight was around 205 lbs.  I was a miserable couch potato.  Now, I don’t look at the scale and really don’t care to.  It is not about a number for me anymore.  I am much happier, my clothes are a lot looser, I am lighter on my toes, and above all I am healthier. I am (we) are trying to set an example for our 3 girls.  My wife and I have learned so much. With her support and dedication we have changed our lifestyle and altered our family’s future.  When we do “splurge” we have a running joke, “what would Dave think of this?”

~Brad M.


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