What’s Your BHAG?

Just the other day I was driving into the gym and saw two boys fresh out of school on their summer vacation walking down the street. As I got closer I noticed they had a basketball (good) and each an enormous can of their favorite energy drink (ugh). The cans were so big that they actually made the boys look like they were shrunken down versions of real kids fresh out of Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

It sent my mind in countless different directions. ‘Why do they need ‘energy’? I never did as a kid.’ ‘Do they know how unhealthy those are?’ ‘Advertising and marketing wins.’ ‘Have they been taught what they should eat?’

As bothersome as it was, the next thought rekindled a fire. It’s my BHAG! From his book, ‘Built to Last’ Jim Collins defines BHAG as a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. You see, I believe that we can make a noticeable positive impact on the food, fitness, and health of our clients, neighbors, and community.

Now what does that look like? Well, quite possibly different than my example above.

How long will it take? Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Is it even possible? Many people will say that it’s impossible!

Regardless, it fires me up to educate and empower people to think, eat, and move differently.

To those who think it is impossible, there were a lot of things that were ‘impossible’ before they actually happened. Rodger Bannister breaking the four minute mile mark was impossible, in fact people though that your legs would blow up. Automobiles were once thought impossible. What is possible with technology often blows my mind. What about landing a man on the moon? A piece of cake, right?

So now that changing the physical fitness, nutrition, and wellness of a community is no longer impossible, then I ask you what is your fitness and wellness BHAG? Because if only I have a dream of how our community can thrive on better nutrition, fitness and wellness it will probably take a long time. And although it starts with one, it’s not going to change all at once.

It starts with me teaching, educating and empowering one other person who will then inspire a spouse, and that will motivate a friend, who will be a positive example for their child…

You get the picture?

With the glass ceiling removed, what is your BHAG? What is your mission impossible? It may sound like:

Is it really impossible to lose weight even though you’ve ‘tried everything and nothing works for you.’

Is getting active really impossible despite hurdles of old injuries, surgeries, and terrible health history?

Through proper nutrition and activity we have seen these ‘impossibles’ shattered and lives be changed.

Go ahead, dare to dream. What is your BHAG, your ‘mission impossible’ when it comes to health and wellness? Knowing that whatever it is, is never impossible, let it light a fire that will fuel you to greatness!

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