Who You Think You’re Talkin’ To?

People can be mean sometimes. Whether it’s intentional or un intentional the things that people say or do can strike a nerve. Now depending on how short your fuse is things might come to head and you will confront them on how their comment was rude, hurtful, and down right inappropriate.

We tend to closely guard and defend ourselves from these comments from the ‘negative Nancy’s’, and nay sayers. But there is someone who is much closer to you that has free reign when it comes to critiquing your every look, how you move and this ultimately can determine how you feel and perceive yourself. This ultimately becomes a big part of your self image, self esteem, and confidence.

Messages on the outside of this inner circle can call you fat, lazy, slow, too short, too tall, your weak, the list could go on. If this happens you’ll politely come back in defense. Whereas this person in your inner circle may speak these negative comments on a regular basis.

So who is this person? This VIP, and know it all of all things you?

It’s YOU! Yes the man/woman in the mirror. That tiny little voice inside of your head that drives away comments from the peanut gallery but is the master critique of all things you the are wrong, not ‘perfect’ and need to be fixed. We can often allow ourselves to speak much worse criticism and negativity over ourselves than you would say to someone else.

So if won’t speak criticism and negativity to others and certainly wouldn’t accept it from someone else then why do we allow ourselves to speak it upon us?

Yes, we have the right to be our own worst critique. We need to be honest with ourselves and not paint a picture of something we’re not. There can even be some motivating value and drive behind our self critique that can lead to improvement. But there can be a point where our self critique is damaging to our self-esteem and self worth. So much that it can lead to belief of a lie, negative self worth, poor self-esteem, low confidence, and depression.

That’s not fair. You will, you can, you are better than that.

So next time you catch yourself comparing yourself to media and images, setting unreal expectations, or commiserating, STOP. Allow yourself some grace, and know that you are greater than your flaws, your short comings, and even your greatest talents. Take a moment to reflect on the positive thing about you both inside and out!

Committed to You Results,

Dave Mura
and Your Fit Soldiers Family!

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