Working Circles Around Guys Half my Age


Gary Before Fit Soldiers

I’ve always been a big and overweight guy. When I graduated high school I was over 300 lbs. Like most people, I’ve tried everything from pills, diets, fitness club memberships, the local community rec. center, to yes…even the BOWFLEX. These things didn’t work for me because I found them to be boring and I just wasn’t making the time to do them.

My wife Jacquie and I first came to Fit Soldiers because we had a coupon for a free trial. Well after trying it out and being SORE AS HECK, we both could see the benefits and help that we could get here, so we signed up. After only 6 months of working out at Fit Soldiers my cholesterol dropped so significantly that my doctor was amazed.

With Fit Soldiers its fun, there are friends here and they help push me and keep my heart in the game. I was always a strong guy but now I’m even stronger and I know better how to lift properly and engage all the right muscles to get the job done. I have gone from tight size XL shirts and size 38 pants to loose large shirts and now loose size 34 pants. I have lost over 30 lbs.  Now I enjoy running, hiking, and snowshoeing with my wife.

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Gary After Joining Fit Soldiers

I cannot even come close to putting into words what Fit Soldiers and Dave and Katie have done for us or mean to us. I absolutely love it here and am probably in the best shape of my life at 45 years old. I can’t wait for bigger and better things to happen in the upcoming months at Fit Soldiers, and also how much better I’ll be feeling now that I can work circles around guys half my age. Ha, Ha, Ha!

~Gary V.



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