Worth the Work

I had been trying to get healthy for a while but never knew how to go about it. I had tried every DVD and diet plan I knew of and nothing was working. I was very uncomfortable in my own skin. One day my sister’s boyfriend told me about Fit Soldiers, so I thought why not go and see what this gym can do for me. I did, and ever since my life has been better for it.

My favorite thing about Fit Soldiers is the group workout. It helps keep me going when I want to stop. There is just so much motivation in the gym. Before I came to Fit Solders it had always been a struggle for me to stay motivated to work out and actually enjoy it rather than it feeling like a chore. But now I enjoy and look forward to working out every day. I feel amazing every morning, even when I’m sore from a hard workout. I have more energy and love knowing that I can go out and play basketball and not have to just watch.

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Lopez Before and After Joining Fit Soldiers

I use to love running in high school because running is such a great way for me to get away from everything, but before finding Fit Soldiers I could barely run half a mile without feeling like I was going to pass out. I was just not in shape to go and take a run. Now I run almost every day. I’m able to run 5 miles at a great pace and feel so great doing it.

I was at 218 lbs before joining Fit Soldiers and was in a pant size of 38 and shirts were XL and very tight large. Now I weigh 178 and can fit in a size 32 and look nice in a medium shirt. I am down 42 lbs! I am eating much better now too.

Fit Soldiers has changed my life. I honestly would still be 50lbs overweight and not enjoying what I can now. Every chance I get I tell people about this gym and how the results are worth the one hour a day of work to change your life.

~Mike L.

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